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Valve releases massive matchmaking update and bans Smurfs, Boosters and Scripters

If I’m lucky, it dumps me in a match where everyone is roughly the same rank. Usually, the queue is I guess looking for 2 immortal players to put with 8 3k mmr players. This creates shitty games obviously.

Dota 2 players are reporting bans that last until Dota 2 bug causes players to be hit with 20 year matchmaking bans Defending yourself in The Last of Us Part 2 is a top priority. these lengthy bans now are allegedly playing on their main accounts and demonstrating high community scores.

Valve has been overhauling a lot of things about Dota 2 in recent weeks due to a mix of server issues and preparation for the next season of ranked matches. But now, the full list of changes is out and many of them are going to make a huge impact on the quality of games. The biggest changes will impact the way each match will be affected by roles and the actions Valve is taking to stop the rampant use of smurf accounts within its game. The first big change is Valve acknowledging how messy matchmaking has become because of players drafting heroes in bad roles.

Match quality takes a significant dip if one player decides to pick a hero more suited for support in an offlane position. This update is changing how matchmaking prioritizes players, swapping from rank to role selection as the biggest deciding factor. Valve is going to keep on tweaking this method as the season progresses and hopes that it will help align player roles more consistently.

Fans are celebrating on Reddit that this will be the end of players being reported for poor farm rather than not playing their role.

High Priority Matchmaking

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The update is just in time as Dota 2 is set to begin its new Ranked Season this Thursday. In today’s guide, we look at two main issues and their corresponding impact. One issue being looked into is role symmetry. It was found out that misaligned roles had a significant impact when it came to game quality. An example cited was one team having their mid player as the one with the highest rank while on the other team, the mid player was the lowest ranked.

In cases like this, it resulted into a volatile game that ultimately was not enjoyable to everyone. When it came to matchmaking, the algorithm generally prioritized rank spread as one of the criteria. The planned update is going to ensure that the roles are going to be more symmetric. What this means is that Valve is now likely going to match teams where the roles have ranks closer to each other.

Valve makes massive changes to Dota 2’s ranked matchmaking

Dota 2 stands as one of the most flexible MOBAs in the market when it comes to hero and player roles. This was the case from late to around , when Alchemist was played as either the midlaner or a roaming support—a surprising thought when you consider how well his kit is geared towards hard carry play. Mirana has also seen a similar progression in her playstyle in the past. Once a strict core with a high skill cap, she saw use as a roaming support around two years ago—thanks to the Sacred Arrow buff that made it kill creeps instantly.

The buff made her farming game as a position 4 hero extremely scary, to the point where she could even transition into a secondary or tertiary core role. These examples emphasize the true nature of hero roles in Dota 2 : they are not actually bound by the lane at which you go to at the start of the game, but rather by the farm priority assigned to the hero depending on the overall strategy being executed.

Essentially, each player has a priority (most likely just an integer value) and according to their priority, they get placed in games. I.e. players.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. In Dota2, there is a rule that when the first match for ten players fails, then you are matched to the game with a higher priority. I am curious about how this can be done?

Essentially, each player has a priority most likely just an integer value and according to their priority, they get placed in games. If a player has been matched but the match fails, their priority is increased to ensure they are not waiting ages to be matched. Slightly off topic: In addition to this, you could make the player’s priority the amount of time they have already waited. In this case, players who have waited ages will get put in matches before everyone else.

On the new matchmaking and a self update

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Valve is Working to Improve Matchmaking in Dota 2, Too Many False with long wait times for high MMR players, there is also a very serious problem score and may lead them to low priority even if they play with friends.

Valve has released its matchmaking update to compliment their approaching new season coming this Thursday. Valve has realized how crucial role symmetry was. Noticing that many games had a disadvantage over the misaligned roles. An example of this is when the top-lane radiant player has a higher MMR than his opposing dire opponent. Which caused problems considering the disadvantage.

Valve took the time to brainstorm. As a result, the solution given is that the update will now emphasize the alignment of roles rather than any other criteria. Role sabotaging was a huge problem during the end-season. With a new report function enabled during the drafting and beginning phase. And the punishment for sabotaging games will be more severe. Before, ranking up a certain categorical rank was ineffective. Considering that valuable information would be lost.

Players would also think less of you for playing your lower-ranked category. Valve has addressed that both roles as a player are just as important.

Dota 2 Roles and What They Truly Entail

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Matchmaking 2.0 – Ticket Evaluation Order

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Keep in mind that the high bracket still varies in skill greatly, so that might not be a a very accurate indication of your current ladder standing.

When someone declines match (not you), matchmaking system returns you to high priority match making. It means you will get a match before.

The bi-annual MMR Reset is finally here. And with it, Valve is taking massive strides to fix a lot of matchmaking issues plaguing the Dota 2 servers and hints at implementing a one-time cost to access the ranked games, similar to CS:GO Prime. Matchmaking changes to Ranked Roles. It will now put a big emphasis on making sure that the roles are more symmetric rather than other criteria. Bans to Scripters, Griefers and Boosters. Following this patch, players are not required to play at least games to unlock it.

Rather, a fixed amount of hours of playtime is the minimum requirement to unlock it. This is most likely implemented, to stop players abusing Turbo Games to unlock Ranked Games. The process of assigning the initial Ranked MMR to a new account has also been changed.


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